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Hylands Road, Upper Walthamstow

Planning Application: 192987

Land at Hylands Road Walthamstow London E17 4AL

This site is on the boundary of the Borough adjacent to Epping Forest just off Forest Road.

The Hydro in the 1960s was a meeting room and before that a general store. Before that there was a Hydro health home or Sanatorium on the site where children were born. Before that it was Fern Hill house.
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What is planned?

Demolition of existing buildings and construction of three buildings ranging from 4 to 9 storeys in height, comprising 120 affordable residential units with associated disabled parking spaces, cycle parking facilities, landscaping and refuse stores.
The proposals include:
  • The proposal is to build around 120 new affordable homes on the site, all will be available to rent.
  • The proposals include a mixture of one, two and three bedroom apartments.
  • 12 of the homes will be fully accessible
  • Landscaping including play space for pre-school age
  • Secure cycle storage within the building for all residents
  • Nine parking bays for use by people with blue badges
  • Solar panels will be fitted on the development
Who is doing the work?
Sixty Bricks will be managing the development of the scheme.



Juniper House Update

Application No: 183989
Juniper House, 221 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London E17 9PH

The old Poll Tax House has been demolished to make way for a 16 storey block with 91 flats and a 35 place nursery in the service yard.

LBWF Statement

Progress March 2020

Nita Villa and Dellwood - Whipps Interchange

Nita Villa & Dellwood, Forest Rise, Walthamstow, E17 3NN

Construction of 5 storey block of 9 flats together with associated landscaping, bin storage and parking, following demolition of existing dwelling houses

This site is the 2 semi-detached houses adjacent to St George’s Court at the Whipps Cross interchange (formerly roundabout). This is a fascinating example of why developers complain about the planning process. It appears to be a victory for Mini Holland!!

2006 June – outline application for 31 flats refused for various reasons one being:

The likely form of the proposed development, as shown on the indicative plans, and in particular its height would result in a detrimental impact on Epping Forest land to the east, which is within the Metropolitan Green Belt, by reason of visual intrusion, contrary to policy BHE1 of the adopted Waltham Forest Unitary Development Plan (2006).

It went to appeal and the Planning Inspector found in January 2007:

However, a building with an elevation of eight storeys in height located close to the side boundaries would appear cramped and awkward and would diminish the visual amenity of the Green Belt. The proposal was therefore considered to unacceptably harm the character and appearance of its surroundings.

2006 December  the outline plan was amended to 28 flats and again refused.

2007 November – new application for 9 flats refused. On similar grounds as previously:

The site of the proposed development would be of insufficient size to provide an appropriate setting for what is likely to be a tall building, and would not result in an appropriate relationship with the adjacent tall building at St. George’s Court. This would be contrary to Policy BHE6 of the adopted Waltham Forest Unitary Development Plan 2006.

2017 December – Pre Application Consultation on a new plan for 9 flats
Officer’s view amongst others was:

Officers acknowledged that there is an absence of consistent building line or typology within this stretch of the streetscape. However, the proposed mono-pitched roof design would not follow the predominant roof form within the wider setting and would appear as an alien form of development within its context. The development is therefore considered out of character with the locality.

2018 November Public Consultation and 10 objections received.

2020 March – due to go to Planning Committee on 31st March 2020 with a REFUSE recommendation as per officer’s report:

The proposal incorporates means of vehicular access to the site considered detrimental to road safety whereby (i) uncontrolled vehicle access into the signal controlled junction poses a serious risk to road users, (ii) there is no means for vehicles to turn within the site to exit with a forward gear, (iii) no means of signal control for exit movements from the site into a signal controlled junction (iv) no safe means for the site to be serviced by refuse vehicles and other service vehicles.

For decades access to the site had been off the Whipps Cross roundabout and everyone seemed relaxed about it. Mini Holland changed all that by converting the roundabout into a T junction (well sort of!) and now access to the site is directly in to the junction which Highways says is dangerous!

The planning officer’s seem relaxed about allowing it permission as the report indicates the scheme complies with all its policies so what happened to:

The development is therefore considered out of character with the locality

Has the wrecking of the street scene and the buffer land for the forest by Mini Holland removed its character so the only thing stopping another block of flats is a dangerous access issue!

We live in strange times!!

FOOT NOTE: Mini Holland has created a large expanse of tarmac leading up to the junction instead of the green sward that existed before, so how they can claim this is a benefit I don’t know. They still haven’t finished all the works and the area of land handed back to the forest is just grass so are trees going to be planted and if so why was that not done during the winter!! 

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Is this what is planned for the Town Centre?

Ealing Eyesore

Details of the Ealing eyesore

Apparently Capital & Regional are working on a completely new plan for Walthamstow Town Centre and will be consulting the public in the summer. They have already said they want to amend their existing approved scheme by moving the tower blocks so they are no longer over the Victoria Line tracks. But is the new plan to be something like the 55 storeys approved by Ealing Council? This fits in with the Mayor's revised London Plan wanting to build high at transport interchanges.

The Mayor's Vision

New London Plan

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Save Lea Marshes - resources

Save Lea Marshes

Follow the above link for information about how to object to the:

1. Over development caused by the plans for the new ice centre

2. Dance Music Festival

Help Campaign for Wild Swimming and to save Metropolitan Open Land