Monday 18 September 2023

Friends of Lloyd Park Ocktoberfest


Wilko Redevelopment

 BBC News Update

The Local Plan has identified the Wilko store in Walthamstow High Street as a possible development site. Until the decision is finally made it is impossible to know what will happen, but if a developer buys the site the council will welcome them with open arms and this brief:


Local Plan Inquiry - Outcome Updates


Despite the Civic Society's best efforts at the recent Public Inquiry our objections were ignored and the Local Plan goes ahead with the higher housing target of 
27,000 over the next 15 years!

This decision ensures higher and higher blocks all along the Lea Valley (Blackhorse Lane) and on the Whipps Cross Hospital site to say nothing of Spitalfields and Leyton Mills.

The council has very few options as the Government expects all its policies to be adehered to as the structure below shows, but it did not need to find land for 27,000 new flats when the Government target, as applied by the GLA to the Borough, was only 18,960


As defined by the council a tall building is one over 10 storeys (30m). But the revised plan indicates the following criteria will have to be applied to the Visual Impact a planning application for a tall building makes:

i. Impact on the existing character and townscape of their surroundings considered in long-range, mid-range and immediate views; 
ii. Impact on the existing streetscape, including the provision of active frontages and sufficient, high quality public realm at ground level; 
iii. Impact on the existing, and where relevant emerging, skyline; 
iv. Contribution to existing and proposed spatial networks and hierarchies, wayfinding, and legibility; 
v. Impact on heritage assets, their settings, and views to and from them including the background zones of views identified in the London View Management Framework (LVMF) (41) ; and 
vi. Exemplar quality of architecture and design with careful attention paid to form and proportionality, materials, finishes, and details,

I doubt if this means much as their own Lea Bridge Station tower blocks fail these criteria as do the 18 storey blocks at Whipps Cross Hospital site and their plans for Leyton Mills and Spitalfields. The current application for the car park by Leytonstone station fails miserably, but the planners will not admit to it. These days it is all about moneyitisation of land owned by the council and developers. Not about creating pleasant places for residents to live in.

Uplands Business Park (Blackhorse Lane) redevelopment

 Can the road network in Blackhorse Lane, let alone the North Circular manage all the traffic this proposal will generate over many years! Get your objections in NOW!!

Updated Plans

LBWF Planning Search for 222739

Applicant: (BNP Paribas Depository Services (Jersey) Limited and BNP Paribas Depository Services Limited as Trustees of the BlackRock UK Property Fund and NEAT Developments Limited)

RE-CONSULTATION - CHANGE TO DESCRIPTION OF DEVELOPMENT HYBRID PLANNING APPLICATION for the phased demolition of all existing buildings and structures (excluding Uplands House), site preparation works, and comprehensive industrial-led mixed-use redevelopment of parts of UPLANDS BUSINESS PARK AND FOREST TRADING ESTATE, BLACKHORSE LANE, WALTHAM FOREST, LONDON, comprising: 

DETAILED planning application for the construction of two buildings (Blocks A1 and A2) comprising flexible industrial floorspace (Use Classes B2, B8, and E(g)(ii and iii)) and one mixed-use building (Block B) comprising residential dwellings (Use Class C3) and flexible industrial floorspace (Use Classes B2, B8, and E(g)(ii and iii)), as well as ancillary yard areas; car/cycle parking; amenity; plant; public, communal, and private realm; soft/hard landscaping; infrastructure, access, and highway works; and other associated works; 

OUTLINE planning application (with all matters reserved) for the construction of up to eight development plots (with maximum building heights of up 

(NOTE: Walthamstow Tower Centre tower is 137m and that is 34 storeys!)

up to 22.6 m A.O.D. (Plot C), 

up to 145.0 m A.O.D. (Plots D and H),   (2 well over 34 storeys.)

up to 110.2 m A.O.D (Plots E and J), 

up to 72.4m A.O.D. (Plot F), 

up to 51.0 m A.O.D. (Plot G), and 

up to 40.5 m A.O.D. (Plot K)) 

comprising up to 167,398sqm (GEA) residential floorspace (Use Class C3), up to 15,006sqm (GEA) of flexible industrial floorspace (Use Classes B2, B8, and E(g)(ii and iii)), and up to 5,000 sqm (GEA) of Classes E and F and Sui Generis (Drinking Establishment/Bar) floorspace, as well as ancillary yard areas; car/cycle parking; amenity; plant; public, communal, and private realm; soft/hard landscaping; infrastructure, access, and highway works; and other associated works.

SEGRO Park, Blackhorse lane


SEGRO are proposing to redevelop the Delta Industrial Site in Blackhorse lane by updating it to a modern industrial park.

SEGRO Park E17

Whipps Cross Hospital Update - NAO Report


Highlights a range of issues. 
Whipps Cross is in Cohort 3 of the 40 hospitals that were annouced a few years ago.

Proposed car park - Phase 1 and funded

Bin Collection - new strategy


A new bin strategy is being develpoped by Cllr Loakes and he will shortly be presenting it to the Cabinet. Basically black bins will be his latest target with collections being reduced to once a fortnight.

WF Echo

WF Recycling Strategy

Climate Scrutiny Committee

From Cllr Loakes:

I just wanted to let you know about some exciting and positive developments in local recycling initiatives over the last couple of weeks.


Waltham Forest Recycling Strategy

Last night I took our proposed 'Recycling Strategy' to our Climate Scrutiny Committee, for views, comments and recommendations, before taking it to Cabinet in a couple of weeks' time. 


The discussions were extensive and I'm really grateful to Labour Cllrs on the Committee for the depth and range of questions and issues they raised. In fact, I'd suggest in my 20+ years of taking issues to scrutiny in Waltham Forest, it was probably the most comprehensive and professional session I've ever had the experience of taking part in. 


Why was that so important? Well the Recycling Strategy contains, amongst other things, our proposals to roll out across the borough weekly, separate food waste collections and move to fortnightly collections for residual waste for street-based properties only. This move is designed to increase our recycling rates as per the Environment Act 2021 - with the introduction of separate food waste collections - and reduce our residual waste tonnages. It will also be one of the biggest universal service changes we have introduced in the borough for well over 20 years. You may also remember this initiative from our manifesto. Delivering this change to recycling in the community is something we deeply believe in, and with our huge success in 2022, we know it matters for residents too. 


We still have a lot of work to do and a huge amount of engagement and communications with residents is planned, as clearly this is not something that can be rolled out overnight. 


Following Cabinet approval - I hope - in a couple of weeks' time I'll send out further details.


You can read the Cabinet Report and the 'Recycling Strategy' here and even more information on it here


Disposal Vapes

You can read my letter as Chair of the North London Waste Authority, to DEFRA Secretary of State Therese Coffey on disposable vapes here. It calls for a ban on them rightly on environmental grounds. Since my letter was sent it appears speculation is mounting that a ban is set to be announced, probably on health grounds. To be honest whether it's environmental or health grounds as long as they are banned I consider that a clear 'win'! 


So fingers crossed for some positive news in this space over the coming week or two!


Hard Plastic Recycling

In a 6-month trial the NLWA has recycled over 40tonnes of ‘hard plastic’ at two of its ‘Recycling & Reuse Centres’ (RRC), across the North London area. As a result of this huge and unexpected very early success, we’ve now rolled out this opportunity to recycle ‘hard plastic’ to South Access Rd RRC in Walthamstow! 


This kind of plastic 'hard plastic' refers to includes plant pots, garden furniture, children's toys etc. So please spread the word amongst friends and neighbours!


DIY Reuse

Just an update that so far South Access Rd RRC and a RRC in Barnet have together saved 25tonnes of DIY building materials from the 'hardcore skip' so far this area. This again is exceeding expectations. 


This is an opportunity for residents to drop off those extra 8 tiles, 6 bricks, 2 slabs etc from a domestic DIY project, so that someone else can use them to finish off their DIY project. All DIY materials are available to collect for free. 


We are looking at how we can roll this out further and how we can promote what is available for residents to take.


Again, spread the word!


Polystyrene Recycling

In the last 18 months the NLWA has recycled, with resident's help, polystyrene the equivalent in volume of 5 double decker buses from its network of public RRCs! Thank you!


Carpet Recycling

The NLWA with Waltham Forest clear support has begun to investigate whether we have the capacity and opportunity to now consider providing carpet recycling. This is a really exciting development and I'll keep you informed as to how that starts to look and feel, over the coming months.


Blister Pack Recycling

I have again written out to all pharmacies in Waltham Forest with an offer to request they begin to offer blister pack recycling opportunities in their shops. To help encourage and incentivise, this time the Council has indicated it will help fund the required infrastructure to help deal with the recycling of this light, but difficult to recycle packaging. 


I'll keep you posted on developments.


I hope this substantial round up on a range of recycling initiatives that we are leading on or closely involved in has been useful. What it clearly does show is that Labour-led Waltham Forest is continuing to push the boundaries, pioneer and provide the leadership whilst the Tory Government continues to dither and delay on a range of waste and recycling related policies, that it has been sitting on for years.


With best wishes,

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet lead for Climate and Air Quality