Sunday, 29 June 2014

Friday Hill House

Development of Friday Hill House

2014/1181/EIA Regs

1972 Friday Hill House

2014 Friday Hill House

Station Car Park - update

Path nearing completion!

Travelodge nearing completion - beds moving in!

Council to be prosecuted for Asbestos breaches

From Nick Tiratsoo

Hi all,

Ive just heard that, following a detailed complaint made by myself and Trevor Calver, the Heath and Safety Executive (HSE) is taking the Council to court over breaches of

the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 Section 2(1)
the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 Section 3(1)
the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006, regulation 4(8)

with summonses being served earlier week.

This follows a long HSE investigation focusing on the Town Hall between 2009 and 2012. 

The hearing is set for 30 July, and there is no indication yet how LBWF intends to plead.


PS Here's some of the background:

Death of Richard Pout - railway campaigner

From the Barking - Gospel Oak Rail User Group

With great sadness we have learned of the passing of our Vice-Chair, Richard Pout. Richard died of a heart attack a few weeks ago. He was quite ill and had been waiting for some months for a major heart operation. He was 65 and lived alone near Crouch Hill station. In the late 1990s it was Richard who developed and promoted the concept that in due course became the London Overground of today. Attached is his 1997 leaflet . The attached photo was taken at Railtex last year. He will be greatly missed.

A further statement will be made shortly.

Displaying BGORUG Vice-Chair Richard Pout points out the photo of Walthamstow Queen's Road on the CLESHAR stand at Railtex 2013. 01.05.201

London Legacy Development Corporation

Development Corporation

WF Growth Commission

From Katy

Cllr Clare Coghill of High St ward in WF now gets £30+ pa (plus day job and basic £10k cllr allowance) as Cabinet Member for economic growth and investment.

WFN (23/6) says she is keen to promote private business - "eager to drive forward" the local economy, as Pravda has it.
So Labour have set up a Growth Commission under journalist Tony Travers (a professor of economics who is a Director of the London Group, based at LSE) to "grow ideas."

Writing in "The Guardian, in an article headed "Labour's housing plans are sensible but the nimby lobby looms large", Travers wrote: "getting past local opposition and those who act to protect green spaces remain the biggest barrier to housebuilding - whoever is in power."

Nice to know he will be advising the councillor who set up the (Labour party members only) "friends of walthamstow marshes" and represents WF on the ultra-secretive Wetlands Project! I wonder what his Consultancy fees (paid out of our Council Tax, of course!) are?
Proud to be a NIMBY and activist protecting green spaces!

Transport Liaison Committee - mini Holland

Council Chamber
15th July 2014


1.    Apologies for Absence and Substitute Members.
2.    Declaration of Interests.
Members are asked to declare any personal and/or prejudicial interest they may have in any matter which is to be considered at the meeting.
3.    Election of Vice Chair(s)
4.    Mobility Forum Report
To receive a verbal report of the Mobility Forum meeting taking place immediately before this meeting.
5.    Update on Recommendations to Cabinet
6.    Cycling updates. (Mini Holland)
7.    London Bus Services
The representative from TfL Surface Transport is requested to provide an update on current bus service issues.
8.    London Overground
The representative from London Overground is requested to provide an update on current issues in relation to the Barking to Gospel Oak Line.
9.     London Underground
The representative from London Underground is requested to provide an update on current issues in respect of the Victoria Line and the Central Line.
10.  Date of Future meetings
11.  To approve the minutes of the last meeting (18.03.14)
12.  AOB

  1. Cycling Updates
Tobias Newland (TN) reported that Waltham Forest had been one of three London boroughs to be successful in its bid for a £30m Mini Holland cycling programme. The other successful boroughs were Enfield and Kingston. The programme consists of creating a network of cycle-friendly home zones in the central Walthamstow area though greening, traffic calming and a series of permeability filters closing off rat-runs while facilitating a permeable network for cyclists. The changes benefitting cyclists, pedestrians by helping to regenerate the town centre.

In addition a segregated or semi-segregated Cycle Superhighway will be constructed along the Lea Bridge Road connecting the River Lea with a new cycle-friendly ‘Dutch-style’ roundabout at Whipps Cross.  In the centre of Walthamstow a scheme will be implemented to remove the Hoe Street gyratory.  A new ‘Quietway’ is also being constructed along Selborne Road and Coppermill Lane across the Marshes leading eventually to Hackney, Islington and Bloomsbury. Smaller cycling schemes will also be implemented in secondary town centres such as Leyton, Leytonstone, Higham’s Park and Wood Street connected to the central scheme by a network of ‘Quietways’ and cycle-friendly routes.

The meeting congratulated the team putting together the Mini Holland bid. Roger Gillham (RG) asked whether in places where there are wide pavements it made sense for cyclists to share the pavements with pedestrians as was common in Belgium. He spoke about the cycle racks on the eastbound platform at Leyton station that had previously existed.  Cllr Paul Braham (PB) added his congratulations and felt that the safety elements were positive but felt that the programme should also aim to promote good cyclist behaviour often seen in Dutch cities such as not jumping red lights.

NR said that the Mini Holland redesigns should not be at the expense of pedestrians particularly less able pedestrians. He also questioned the wisdom of locating cycle parking on platforms accessible only through ticket barriers. He also noted that the cycle racks which he had recently seen in at Higham’s Park station were in a very badly lit part of the station – a point which Oliver Shykles (OS) agreed with.

Tim Valder-Hogg (TVH) viewed segregated cycle lanes positively and said he did not like the examples of shared space he had viewed such as those on Cycle Superhighway 2 and outside Waltham Forest Town Hall. Concerning the promotion of good cyclist and driver behaviour he had viewed the recent police presence, for example, at the Mile End traffic lights, as positive and wondered whether there were any plans for similar actions in Waltham Forest.
 Cllr Shameen Highfield (SH) asked whether the Mini Holland would include the promotion of cycle training for children. It was explained that cycle training would continue to be important and that the borough had also recently bid and won £800,00-worth of funding under the Borough Cycling Programme which, among other things, would aim to increase spending on all types of cycle training including Bikeability cycle training for children in schools. SH and PB also requested a presentation and full update on the Mini Holland at the next Transport Liaison Group.
Action: Transport Planning

Plastic Bag Levy

Plastic Bag levy

Waste Sector needs more time

More time needed

The Living Wage at John Lewis
Adrian - There's a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it:

John Lewis (@JLcustserv): pay cleaners the living wage

By Jane Lambert 
London, United Kingdom
The Living Wage is an hourly rate calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK. It currently stands at £7.65 in the UK and £8.80 in London (in comparison with the minimum wage of £6.31).

650 companies, including KPMG, Nationwide, the Royal Opera House and Tate & Lyle London Offices are committed to the London Living Wage Foundation.
John Lewis is the UK’s leading retailer and last Christmas/New Year enjoyed a hugely profitable period with the highest market share in the retail sector. Following this, John Lewis staff received 14% bonus payments. John Lewis brands itself as a company that is committed to treating its suppliers, customers and partners with fairness. But it has contracted out its cleaning services. Its cleaners receive less than the living wage and are not entitled to the bonus payments paid to directly employed staff.

There is growing concern that increasing inequality in UK is damaging to the whole of society. Given John Lewis’s impressive profit levels, it is very troubling that it refuses to show moral leadership and pay its cleaners the living wage. 
The person (or organisation) who started this petition is not affiliated with did not create this petition and is not responsible for the petition content.

Spy Car ban

Spy Car ban

Spy car blocking cycle lane in Forest Road. Not to be deterred the council replaced it with a permanent fixed camera to ensure they did not lose revenue on spying on this yellow box junction by a cul de sac!

Kew - update

Petition Update
Julie Flanagan just posted an update on the petition you signed:

Campaigners hand petition to 10 Downing Street!

Julie Flanagan 
Petition organiser
Jun 23, 2014
Kew campaigners have successfully handed the petition in to 10 Downing Street. Thank you all for your amazing support. The campaign continues. Please help us get to 100,000...
Read more
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Jason Hill
Marketing and Communications Officer

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Building Brighter Futures Celebration

8th July 2014, 5-7pm

We are delighted to invite you to a celebration of the work of the Building Brighter Futures Project, which supports children in Waltham Forest who are struggling with their reading.

Children’s literacy charity, Beanstalk, has partnered with The Legacy List to provide one-to-one reading support to primary school aged children across the borough, delivered by trained volunteer reading helpers. As part of the project, children have been invited to take part in a storytelling competition about Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and we would like to invite you join us to celebrate the first year of this project alongside some of the children who have benefitted from the support and the volunteers who have taken part.

Beanstalk’s vision is a nation of confident children who can read and grow up to lead successful lives.  Within the first year of our partnership with The Legacy List, 66 children in Waltham Forest will have received ongoing support to help improve their reading levels, increase overall confidence and gain vital skills to help them go on to lead successful lives. We look forward to sharing the stories they have created, and celebrating their success.

Please join us on Tuesday 8th July 2014, from 5pm to 7pm, at The Timber Lodge CafĂ©, 1A Honour Lea Avenue, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

RSVP to or 07805 813099

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Footpath - this week's progress!

Dear Tobias,

I visited Edison Close yesterday. What progress is there with the 'fault' on the station access ramp/stairs? There is no sign of any work having been carried out but it seems that someone has opened the Edison Close entrance already!

I was impressed with the work carried out on Ray Dudley Way. I suppose we now just have to wait for Solum's contractors to vacate the car park before it can open.

Kind regards


Glenn Wallis

Barking - Gospel Oak Rail User Group

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Walthamstow Times

Walthamstow Times

North London Waste Consultation

North London Waste Consultation

Fun time at the Rose and Crown

Comedy time

Conservation Training

Reply to: Helen Wallis <>

Hi Dave,

I work at London Wildlife Trust and where there is currently a fantastic opportunity for paid training and I wondered if you could please promote it to Green Spaces Friends groups in London?  ... It would be great if it could be directly promoted to existing volunteers who fit the criteria, as volunteers will already have demonstrated a commitment to working outdoors on practical projects.

London Wildlife Trust is recruiting 6 conservation trainees for their Wild Talent project.  We are looking for practical people who have a passion for wildlife but lack qualifications and would like to find employment in the conservation sector.  Trainees will gain a Level 2 work-based Diploma in Environmental Conservation.  They must commit to full time training for a year, for which they will receive £13,200, paid in instalments.  The course would suit hard working, practical people who lack higher qualifications, but have the potential to undertake practical habitat management (e.g. safely felling trees or mowing meadows), surveying and community engagement (e.g. leading conservation volunteers or environmental educations sessions for schools).  

For more information, please see the following link:
The deadline is 30th June!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more info.

Best wishes

Helen Wallis
Conservation Project Officer, Gunnersbury Triangle London Wildlife Trust
Direct Line: 020 8747 3881
Mobile: 07734 599 729
Tuesdays and Thursdays

Paint - £1 a litre

Paint £1 a litre

Pump house update

Pumphouse Museum

Beware Landlords

Beware Landlords

Our Schools

Our Schools E17 is now Our Schools LBWF

Our Schools

Forest Philharmonic

Forest Philharmonic

Walthamstow Village in Bloom

Dear all,

As you know our Judging Day for Walthamstow Village in Bloom is on Tuesday 15 July. There's lots to do to keep the Village looking good and the long evenings are a great opportunity to do some extra work. 

Tomorrow evening (Tuesday 17 June) we need to get the long hedge cut outside St Mary's Church House in Orford Road and, at Church End, cut back the ivy round the bottom of the churchyard wall that's overgrowing the footpath.

Please meet at the Village Square at 7pm and if you have them bring some secateurs/shears/loppers and a broom and gloves. If you'll be late give Helen a ring on 0781 404 2499 to locate us!

Gardening Evenings:
Tuesday 24 June
Wednesday 25 June
Tuesday 1 July
Tuesday 8 July
Wednesday 9 July
Monday 14 July - eve of Judging Day

Next Gardening Day is Saturday 5 July at 10.30 am when we'll be having a BIG CLEAN UP!!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow eve!

Best wishes,

Helen, Teresa, Graham and John
Walthamstow Village in Bloom

Time to give up the car?

Give up your car?

National Park for London

National Park for London

View of the Pavilion

Lloyd Park as it was

Save our Cinema

The Cabinet will decide on the 15th July whether to support a CPO to remove the Granada cinema from the UCKG. Please sign the petition to make local opinion clear to the Cabinet that they must do everything they can to support the Cinema Trust's plan for an Arts Complex.


Park your bike at the station!

Station cycle parking

Friday, 13 June 2014

Our new Council

Strong Leader

The Cabinet

The Mayor - Cllr Terry Wheeler is new Mayor.

Our Councillors


Planning Applications

2014/0991 - expansion of Selbourne Walk shopping

2014/0985 - 4 storey building on the site of the tropical fish shop in Lea Bridge Road by the Esso Petrol Station

2014/1035 - Storage warehouse on the redundant Focus site in Highams Park

2014/0994 - work on the Lee Valley Ice Rink

Wanstead Park Events

Wanstead Park Events

New Housing Zones in London

20 New Housing Zones

Lea Bridge Road sub station sale

Dear all,
I have just rung up the Heritage Officer, Jacinta Fisher at LBWF about the edundant Electricity Substation in Lea Bridge Road E10.  The building is Locally Listed, so comes under purview of Ron Presswell and Jacinta Fisher as well as Planning.

As some of you know, I helped Guy Osborne produce the current list of locally interesting heritage buildings a couple of years ago, and among several new additions No 120 is the "Leyton Borough Council Electricity Substation, Lea Bridge Road E10" - described as a "redundant electricity sub-station in neo-classical style with distinctive “Borough of Leyton” lettering at front. The old Borough Council, formally established in 1899, ran its own power station near to this site which supplied the borough with electricity from 1896. (NEW ADDITION)"

Jacinta tells me that this is not owned by the Council, but a power company, and so I just wanted to write to let you know that it is not the Council that is selling it off.


More about cycling in Hackney

Hackney cycling