Friday, 8 April 2016

A Fun Event


hi everyone

just a reminder and hope you can come. if you've already told me you can or can't, sincere apols!! you know what it's like!....
Diaries out, folks!
YOU (and YOURS) are invited to
·        A celebration of being alive and getting to know each other
·        A chance to let your hair down and have a very interesting time as well
·        A FUNraising event (admittedly there’s a ‘D’ in there somewhere and even a birthday  of some sort but read on…)
WHEN is this amazing happening?  SUNDAY 17th April 2016
WHERE? Wanstead Quaker Meeting House, Bush Road, Leytonstone E11 3AU
WHAT TIME?  3pm – 9pm
The one and only Ian Saville, red magician and ventriloquist extraordinaire, will delight and astound us (and will bring William Morris with him, sort of) from 4pm – 4.45pm.
There will be DANCING! (but you don’t have to)
There will be lots of gorgeous FOOD and DRINK (please bring something veggie if you can)
There will be PERFORMANCES by anyone who wants to perform (you know the sort of thing: poem, song, tune, story true or false - preferably funny, joke, dance, acrobatics, unlikely yoga posture, art/photos showing, mime, anything goes) - but no pressure!
There will be LAUGHTER and the chance to hobnob with lovely people, new or known
There will be one or two RIVETING TALKS about the charity Carefree Kids and your chance to become a Friend of CFK, purchase our unique bags, cards or notebooks or just give a one-off donation.
The wonderful thing about that last bit is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO. You are welcome if you ‘just’ want to come and eat and drink and have a good time.
·        Let me know if you can come, but if you don’t get that together, come anyway
·        There’s a car park in front of the place
·        Turn up at any time for 5 minutes to 6 hours, EXCEPT while Ian performs (4 - 4.45pm)
·        If you can’t come but want to have fun another time, or support this excellent cause, let me know
From Ros Questions? 0208 555 5258  15 Matcham Road E11 3LE
Please note: I do not look at emails all the time, so if urgent, please phone me on 0208 555 5248.
Also, occasionally emails do not reach me. so please phone if I have not responded within a few days.

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