Friday, 15 July 2016

Paint recycling

Don't leave your old paint to rot in the shed - donate it for reuse instead!

Did you know that your leftover paint can be donated for re-use? At the moment, about 50% of paint is incinerated with no energy captured, and about 30% goes to landfill. It’s costly for waste authorities to deal with, and damages our environment. Luckily, there are now 76 Community Repaint schemes across the UK that see your half-empty paint tins as half-full.
Your local Community Repaint scheme is The Paint Placein Waltham Forest. They sort and grade paint, preparing as much high quality paint as possible for resale. You can also purchase pre-owned paint in a huge range of colours and finishes (matt/gloss/mould-resistant etc.) for as little as £1 per litre.
Want to create more space at home whilst taking care of our environment? Simply take all your leftover paint down to your local waste-sorting centre, and FRP will pick it up from there. Click here for a list of participating recycling centres.

To see why paint reuse is so important, watch the animation here.

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