Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Planning Applications September and October

162843                Former B&Q in Lea Bridge Road                             To become an Aldi store

162886                The Mall – Selborne Walk                          Change of use from A1 to D2. Is this for a Gym above BHS?

162981                Warburton Terrace E17 4LG                     Demolition and rebuilding 43 flats in 2-4 storey blocks

163113                Ive Farm, Leyton E10 5HH                                                      Sports centre
Open Spaces Society object

163166                275 Wood Street, E17 3NR                                       Replacement of existing building with 19 flats.

163185                Next to Waltham Forest College                             15 flats in 4 storey building

Calls into question how the planning process works. The college has already moved all its services i.e. water, gas, electricity at what cost? - to enable the site to be developed. Local residents are opposed and have expressed their opposition at 2 public meetings. It is adjacent to a locally listed building i.e. WF College to say nothing of the magnificent sweep along Forest Road including the Town Hall and the Court buildings, but will the Planning Committee reject it – I doubt it! Will we see all public land developed just to balance the books?

163255                77 Church Hill, E17 3BD                              Demolition of existing house with 5 flats and replacement of similar looking house with 8 flats

163267                22 Mansfield Road, E4 7JU                        Demolish detached house and replace with 9 houses.

163380                Tower Mews E17 7BF                                 Add 2 floors to make it 6 storey for additional 3 flats.

If this is approved it makes a mockery of the original planning application a few years ago!

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