Friday, 7 April 2017

Mini Holland 7-4-17


Markhouse Road

Lea Bridge Road

Mega dangerous ridge between the two lanes. Perfect for tipping cyclists off their bikes and injuring them!!

Riding Centre - Will this never be finished!!


  1. The "mega dangerous" ridge is a "splay kerb" with shallow angle designed specifically to allow for clear separation between cycling and pedestrians without risking the kind of fall that you write about. It is vastly different from the old vertical kerbs as found on Argall Way and Orient Way. And Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign is still pushing to get those replaced. Still, seems like nothing can ever be done right for you. Ho hum.

  2. Sadly, like on Selborne Road, the pedestrian footpaths have not been upgraded. Pedestrians will choose the cycle lanes thus depriving those cyclists like me who are happy with dedicated off road cycle lanes. Bit odd given that motorists are getting a resurfaced road!There are also some pinch points on the remaining footpaths where people would stray onto the cycle lanes, assuming they respected them in the first instance!


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