Sunday, 21 May 2017

Aldi chops down trees

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Residents win

An email to Stella Creasy... but James Lowe, the Property Director will be finalising the smaller issues we discussed at our meeting last Wednesday.
Dear Ms Creasy,
 I would like to confirm that our Customer Service Department will respond to your constituent, Damien Nelson directly. Following discussions with both the local protest group and the council, we will update the local community with the following information:
 Our Regional Property team has agreed to retain all of the remaining mature trees along Lea Bridge road and will plant two further trees where the council have removed two existing trees. Three new trees will be planted to replace the removed trees on the corner of Lea Bridge / Hitcham Road.
 In addition, the proposed removal of trees along the estate road will be replaced with five semi-mature trees. Furthermore, no further tree works will take place unless signed off by a qualified arboriculturist to ensure nests are not disturbed. 
 The retained existing trees will have their crowns heightened and pruned (subject to arboriculturist sign off).
 Works will commence between June and October 2017. If any new trees die in their first year they will be immediately replaced.
 Thank you for taking the time to raise your concerns with us. 
 Kind regards,
 Matthew Barnes

Chief Executive Officer - UK and Ireland
ALDI Stores Limited
Holly Lane

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