Friday, 4 May 2018

Election - business as usual

Labour 46 seats (gained two seats) 
Conservatives 14.

The winner of the election was the Apathy party with about 60% of the electorate not turning out to vote. If this was a protest vote it means 20% more voters than in 2014 didn't turnout to vote. Not a sign of a healthy democracy!! 

Being a local councillor not only ensures the smooth running of the Borough but also gives them good training for the future if they want a role in politics. If the electorate are turned off then fewer people will bother to stand as candidates.

The curiosity of this election is the winners all had around 2,000 votes and except for a couple of Wards between Chingford and the rest of the Borough the nearest any other candidate came was at least 50% less than the winners. Why are Waltham Forest voters so apathetic?

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