Friday, 10 August 2018

Design Competition for Town Centre

Despite the Leader of the Council saying at the recent Cabinet and Scrutiny meetings the Government has cut the council's finances by £150m they now announce a major to change to the look of the High Street. Where is the joined up thinking? If there is no money then wasting it on a competition that is meaningless is just an insult to residents.

With a threat of a 29 storey block of flats and the felling of 81 mature lime trees and a reduced Town Square the Councillors must be living in a parallel universe! Save Our Square campaign already have various designs for improving the Town Centre and they start by not felling 81 trees and not building skyscrapers in a largely Victorian 2 storey area.

The competition states:

The Rosebank Villas route into the High Street has been chosen for the project which should:
  • Celebrate the history of the High Street and Market and reflect local character of place
  • Strengthen local identity, create a destination and a sense of arrival
  • Be deliverable and robust, and self-sufficient in terms of maintenance
  • Include innovative place-making which improves connectivity and navigation to the High Street
  • Enhance the space for businesses, residents and visitors alike
If Capital & Regional's finance director decides to go ahead with their awful scheme this area will be a building site for over 5 years so what is the point of squandering public money on tarting up this area? The Wood Street Plaza had a hugely expensive face lift which lasted about 2 years before it was all dug up and will remain a building site for many years. Is there no joined up thinking in the Town Hall these days?

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