Friday, 28 November 2014

Mini Holland update 28/11/14 - Markhouse Village

Here are some more interesting items about the mini Holland plans.

Last night at the Markhouse Ward Forum in Edinburgh Primary School meeting these points were noted:

1. About 50 people attended and Cllr Loakes fielded the questions with help of officers.
2. The first speaker was in favour as cycling had improved his health.
3. Concerns were expressed that Blue Badge holders were not made to be feel welcome in the trial area.
4. TFL is responsible for the scheme.
5. Cllr Loakes felt we cannot go on as we are with traffic congestion and 80 people a year dying of air polution. There is no road utopia in WF. Traffic should not be rat running.
6. Traffic on Lea Bridge road has been declining in recent years.
7 Cllr Loakes admitted the Markhouse Road improvements were criminal.
8. A resident complained that Cllr Loakes was just inflaming the situation instead of trying to take people with him.
9. A new consultation of Village residetns starts on the 28/11/14 on amended plans. The residents of the Village will be written to.
10. A dedicated web site will be set up in the new year by the council to contain all the mini Holland info.

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