Submitted by: Janet Greenwood
Standing at Walthamstow, feeling the strain
Waiting for arrival of the Chingford train;
Highams Park to Wood Street, picking up on route
To travel to the city on the daily commute.
Move along the carriage, try to find some space
Elbows digging in the ribs, backpack in the face;
Sidle ever closer, shuffle down inside
Nose to nose with strangers for an intimate ride:
Eyes on Metro, nose in a book
Risk the occasional circumspect look,
St James Street to Clapton more cramming in
Mobiles and iPods add to the din;
The coughs and the sneezes, the squashes and squeezes
The chatter, the clatter, the rush hour frowns,
The chudder the judder towards Hackney downs;
Bethnal Green passes, we’re off on a roll
Pressing on, stressing on nearing our goal.
Slowing to a crawl, the tunnel is in sight,
Packing up our bits and bobs preparing to alight;
Liverpool Street: terminate on platform one,
Just another working day, and only just begun.