Saturday, 7 February 2015

Mini Holland Update - 7-2-15

Cabinet Decision on Mini Holland

All key decisions on Mini Holland will now be out of the hands of the politicians and left to a handful of officers to spend £30m - where is the democracy in that?

Cabinet members that will be making the decision

It is gong to take 6 months to implement the Village scheme - more roadworks as if the Olympics was not enough! And that is only costing 1% of the £30m expenditure - just wait for the chaos the spending of the other 99% will cause! Hold ups are already underway in Hoe Street as a cycle lane is squeezed in besides the buses and other traffic.

Mini Holland

As usual the council has done its best to stop residents engaging even to the web site address:

Redundant underground tunnels to become cycle routes?

MINI HOLLAND UPDATE: Council Submits Village Consultation Report to Cabinet
Report Recommends Final Scheme Should be Approved
Waltham Forest Council has published the results of the Village Mini Holland consultation which shows that a small majority of people who responded were in favour of the most recent scheme. 
A total of 735 questionnaires were returned to the council, representing 18 per cent of households in the consultation area. While the figure may seem small considering the debate the scheme generated, it's almost double the amount that usually participate in such exercises. 
Of those who returned questionnaires, 44 per cent were in favour of the road closures and associated traffic management measures, 41 per cent were not in favour and 12 per cent were neutral.   
As a result, the authors of the report are recommending that the Cabinet approve "the Walthamstow Village area wide improvement scheme as part of the Mini Holland Programme".
The report and associated documents can be viewed here on the Waltham Forest Council website:
The Cabinet will vote on the matter at a meeting on Tuesday, February 10th at 2pm.

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