Sunday, 17 January 2016

Mini Holland Update 17-1-16


Highams Park News

Give a council enough money and they will find ways of frittering it away. Mini Holland is a good example and in particular the new cycle path for Lea Bridge Road. There was a perfectly adequate cycle path in front of the Ice Rink but the real problem was the bridge where the new station is beginning to appear. So what happens - a vast new bridge is provided over the pedestrian path to the marshes and stops just where the road narrows and a cycle lane is needed. There is no space to continue the cycle lane as the station now occupies any land that could have been used.

Trying to use Lea Bridge Road as a cycle route is nonsense as there are perfectly good quiet routes adjacent that just need improving. The path in front of the Ice Rink led round to the Black Path but the railway bridge was a real obstacle. With all this money the bridge could have been replaced with a cycle/pedestrian friendly bridge leading on to the Black Path and giving quiet access to Markhouse Road and up Queens Road. Katy Andrews had been banging on about this route for years but clearly the highway engineers have decided that is not sexy enough for them!

There is also a question as to why the capacity of this bridge is so large when it goes nowhere and if the Ice Rink is re-located then it has no purpose at all!


  1. Nonsense. Loads of commuters use that route.

  2. Its not a question of needing one or the other; capacity counts would demonstrate the need for both. And if this is mini Holland cash then it isn't council money anyway, it is Transport for London's. Jimmy e17

  3. Ridiculous, there was not a "perfectly adequate cycle lane"... before... and the work is nowhere near finished. The cycle lanes before was so bad that most cyclists used the road!!! This is a vast improvement.


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