Friday, 29 January 2016

Mini Holland Update 29-1-16


Now no right turn from Shernhall Street into Church Lane

An alternative route is via Barrett Road but that will also be closed off with trees in tubs!

New unused cycle racks by Wood Street Station. Meanwhile Blackhorse Road station is inundated with cycles!

Lethal cycle lane in Blackhorse Road. Cyclists will clash with bus users - even worse by Blackhorse Road station. Fundamental flaw in design as there is a ridge of about 50mm between the two lanes meaning a cycle can be easily tipped over. This happened to me in Orient Way and left me with a fractured pelvis, 2 weeks clogging up a hospital bed and 16 weeks off work!

Is this what we can expect once work starts on Whipps Cross Roundabout and Lea Bridge Road - any benefits are far out weighed by the dis-benefits.


From Stella Creasy MP


I’m writing to apologise to you regarding a recent email you may have received from my email address in error – I wanted to reassure residents that this email which purported to send a query to the local authority (‘to Rosie’) on your behalf was not a computer virus or ‘spambot’, but a simple and direct consequence of human error on my part in using our email system and so not to be alarmed! 

I had in fact intended to share with you, as someone who had previously been in touch with me about the Mini Holland project, the latest information I had received from the Council on this matter. In particular I wanted to update you on their response to the query I raised before Christmas following requests from local residents regarding exemptions for CPZs and the Mini Holland changes around religious institutions during periods of celebration. I have reproduced below the response I have received from them, which states the Council are looking at this matter as part of their evaluation of the scheme. I am also still awaiting details as to when the guide to the changes introduced e.g. Copenhagen crossings, the different road closure formations etc will be available for residents and will update you as and when this is produced. 

I hope this information is of interest and again can only apologise for the error message you received earlier this week, 

with kind regards


Dear Stella
Happy New Year, and I hope you have had a relaxing Christmas break.
Apologies for not getting back to you sooner on this. Further to your email dated 11 December, I would just like to reassure you that our officers are in regular dialogue with local religious organisations. Where they have requested relaxed parking restrictions, for example during religious festivals, we have enabled this wherever it has been appropriate to do so.
As part of the 6-month review of the Mini-Holland scheme, we will be looking at the potential impact on movements during religious festivals, so that we can properly assess the impact of the scheme during all periods.
We will, of course, keep you up to date as progress is made with the scheme and the plans for the wider review. I apologise that there have been some delays in producing the leaflet setting out Mini Holland in the Village, but that it will be produced and shared with you shortly.
Yours sincerely,
Dan Fryd
Policy & Information Officer to the Chief Executive

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