Thursday, 10 March 2016

Destruction of Whipps Cross roundabout

Official vandalism has started on Whipps Cross Roundabout as the council gets ready to destroy this attractive area and replace it with a standard traffic light junction with space for a bus stand. The benefits are minimal, the disruption to traffic will be huge, the waste of natural resources immense to say nothing of the destruction of wildlife habitat all for what?

As it was:

As it is:


  1. I have written to the council as part of their 'consultation' about the folly of this particular scheme. Whilst I am broadly if favour of the aims of mini Holland, the damage being done to Whipps X seems to have no clear purpose in managing either traffic flow, promoting cycling or aiding recreational access to forest land. The little copse of trees on the island whilst hardly of Amazonian size did have the psychological function of being a kind of end point of the forest and a transition to a more urban landscape. Now we will have to suffer another dreary arrangement of box junctions and traffic lights not to mention all the chaos in the construction.

  2. If you spent the same energy on the hatred of Mini Hollland on other issues this would be a brilliant site.


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