Friday, 26 August 2016

Car Wash by Ice Centre

Use the above link to reach the planning applications and insert 160334 to see the detail of the Morina Car Wash application.

Dear Councillors
I have submitted this objection to Waltham Forest Planning today. Apologies for the length of it. 
But here is a quick summary of my main points of objection (categories based on the criteria listed on WF's planning objection guidance):

1. Visual appearance gaudy, commercial - inappropriate for protected Marshland, and definitely designed to attract more cars on Lea Bridge Road.
2. Traffic generation - claims that the car wash will not attract more traffic, and that there will be no extra car parking are debunked. Evidence cited from car wash business guidance. Reminder of two new schools destined for land opposite.
3. Noise, smells, disturbance resulting from use - operating hours worry in light of quoted twelve employees, business imperative raised again. Objection to queues of cars with engines running. Noise of high pressure sprays.
4. Effect on conservation areas - heavy criticism of applicant and LVRPA for starting to operate car wash before planning permission process completed. Quotation from Car Wash Association - a body that seems to look down on the hand car wash operations because of their lack of investment in preventing water pollution. Challenged the disposal of contaminated effluent direct into the existing drain systems. Provided quotation from the survey done prior to the Olympic basketball complex which gives chapter and verse of what Porters Field consists of - a landfill site on a flood plain, with a high water table, and adjacent to a watercourse. Challenged the lack of reference to proximity to Walthamstow SSSI and being part of land that is a buffer for that. Pointed up failure to recognise trees and hedges as part of immediate environment.
5. Relevant planning policies - said that Essex Wharf now completes WF residence-led mixed use plans for that area, and LVRPA should only be providing leisure etc etc. Quoted Sections of the LVRP Act to point up how they are acting beyond powers.

Many thanks to Save Lea Marshes, whose blog provides even more objections, and well done to them, since they got LVRPA to close the car wash operation down while the planning process is still underway.

I hope that as Councillors, you will also consider objecting to a car wash operation in Lea Bridge Road. Lea Bridge Road is part of the "green lung" of north-east London, not an urban high road.

Many thanks for reading,


Claire Weiss

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