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Campaign to reopen closed roads

Too many bikes in Holland

Resources should go north

Low Emission Delivery Services

New London Awards

Greenleaf Road

Crooked Billet Air Pollution

Mini Holland boss

Here is a brief assessment based on the council's web site as to how the MH project is progressing:

Lea Bridge Road - Last update March 2016 says work is to start on Whipps Cross Roundabout. Clearly behind schedule.
Work will start on LBR in July 2015 and finish in March 2017. As far as I can ascertain the only part of the £10m project nearing completion is the bit by the Ice Rink! Even this will have to be changed if planning permission is given for the two new schools opposite. Only 7 months left to complete the most difficult part of MH!

Wood Street - Dec 2015 to Jul 2016. Pedestrian crossing opposite Buck Walk just completed.

Forest Road - Construction from Mar 2016 to March 2017. The part for the Walthamstow Wetlands is well underway but it is not obvious why it has taken so long considering all that was needed was a pedestrian crossing to safely cross to the Ferry Boat Inn for a refreshing drink after exploring the wetlands! Various Copenhagen crossings have been installed along the road.

Markhouse Road - Results are being collated and the next steps will be announced in May 2016. Oh well this really is behind their schedule!

Barrett Road E17 - now closed at the junction with Brooke Road.

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