Friday, 19 August 2016

William Morris Ward Panel Meeting

Hello to all,

I would like to thank the attendees of the latest meeting on Wednesday 27th July for their contributions.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 26th October 2016, at the usual place: Walthamstow Fire Station, Forest Road E17 – at 19:00 hours.

Please save this date in your diary, and/or set a reminder.

I would implore the partnership agencies to invite other interested parties to the meetings, to engage with the residents and forward their concerns. I would remind, however, that the panel meeting isn’t a place to vent about local issues, but to talk solutions.  If you have a complaint about a local issue, that is better communicated via e-mail or a phone call.  The contact number for the local neighbourhood police is 02087212643.

I have attached a copy of the Newsletter from 27/07/2016. Please feel free and encouraged to distribute.


PC Alex WARE - 498JC
Metropolitan Police of Waltham Forest
Dedicated Ward Officer (DWO) for William Morris ward

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