Friday, 22 August 2014

Community Ward Forums

Community Ward Forums

Dear Councillors,

The last Community Ward Forum for our Lea Bridge Ward was on 13th December 2013. There is no indication on the Council website that a future one is planned.
There are several important issues that affect our Ward, and it would be good to discuss them, as well as the ongoing Ward matters eg community policing report, local community funds etc.

Issues that have come up in 2014 are:

  • the LVRPA taking over of moorings on the River Lea and reserving them as 'private'
  • the building of a 'hoggin path' adjacent to the private moorings and the environmental consequences
  • the delay and extra cost of reconstructing and re-opening the Lea Bridge railway station
  • the construction under Leyton Marsh of tunnels for National Grid and possibly Cross Rail
  • the high levels of pollution in the River Lea at Lea Bridge from which many fish are dying, resulting from a number of reasons including road-run-off

I have written to you about some of these items over the past months, sometimes as copy recipients to your Cabinet colleagues and/or Stella Creasey MP, but don't seem to have received much by way of reply or acknowledgement, especially from Cllrs Asghar and Osho.

I believe that it is important for residents to be aware of these issues, and I would really appreciate hearing your views on them. I hope that a Community Ward Forum meeting will be arranged soon.


Claire Weiss

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