Friday, 22 August 2014

From Boris!

Since I became Mayor in 2008, we’ve led major projects to improve the lives of Londoners, like securing Crossrail, creating a thriving new east London district with Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and extending the Northern line.

Yet with London’s population set to exceed nine million by 2020 and 11 million by 2050, we cannot rest on our laurels. By the middle of this century, London will need another 1.5 million homes, over 600 more schools and colleges and a 20% increase in energy supply capacity. London’s public transport needs to expand by 70%, and in our future megacity high speed digital connectivity is an absolute must.

London needs continued investment to make these huge changes happen. That’s why I’ve put together a new Infrastructure Plan which sets out exactly what needs to be done over the next half century. Decent infrastructure is the lifeblood of our city and we all have a stake in improving it. That’s why I’m now consulting on my plan and hope to hear your thoughts.

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