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Your chance to vote for a United Kingdom

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The Scottish referendum is being held on Thursday 18th September, when Scotland will decide if it wants to leave the United Kingdom and be an independent country. 
Historian Dan Snow has started a petition so that he can tell the people of Scotland that he wants them to stay together. 
Disagree? You can start your own petition here or join the debate onFacebook.

Scotland: Let's stay together

Dan Snow 
London, United Kingdom
On September 18th Scotland will vote on whether to stay in the United Kingdom or leave to form a separate country.  
For everyone in the rest of the UK, just as for Scotland, the result of the referendum will have a fundamental impact on our identity, our culture and our future. 
I feel passionately about Britain and the many extraordinary things we have achieved together throughout our shared history. Although I don't have a vote in the Scottish referendum, like so many others I certainly have a view. We believe that most people in England, Northern Ireland and Wales don't want Scotland to leave the UK, while respecting the right of the Scots to decide this for themselves.
But although the rest of us don't have a vote, we do have a voice. Our hope is that if enough of us sign this petition and send our love and respect to the Scots, they won't be voting without knowing how we feel. 
We want the Scots to know the true feelings of the vast majority of their fellow citizens of the United Kingdom - that we would like them to stay as treasured members of our family of nations.
Go to Let's Stay Together to find out more about our campaign and the other people from the arts, entertainment, science, sport and literature who have signed the petition.
Let's Stay Together is a civic society campaign which brings together people of all political persuasions and none, from every community and corner of the UK, from all backgrounds and interests, to say to Scotland: "Stay with us!"
We hope you join us and add your name to our campaign, helping to share this simple, positive message with others: #letsstaytogether 
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