Friday, 5 December 2014

Creative space for Awesomestow

From Stella Creasy MP's Newsletter:

Walthamstow - The English Hollywood! Wood Street Projects Request for Help 
This week I have been contacted about a new crowdfunding project which has been set up by Woodstreet Walls seek to bring a new creative space to Walthamstow. I have also been working with a local film director who is keen to bring to life Walthamstow's history as the English Hollywood - the birthplace of film production in Great Britain. I am hoping residents may be able to help with both projects and that we can bring them together as part of Wood Street's regeneration. 
The Woodstreet Walls project will involve repurposing an old building in the local area, providing space for artists and free monthly workshops for the local community.  The fundraising target for this project is £40,000 and donations as part of this crowdfunding project will only be taken once this target has been reached. Woodstreet Walls are also applying to the Mayor of London High Street Fund to match up to £20,000. You can read more about this project and donate via the crowdfunding website. 
We are hoping that this project can also help with promoting Walthamstow's film history. 
In the early years of the twentieth century Walthamstow was at the epicentre of film production in Great Britain with many of the pioneering film studios situated in and around Wood Street and Hoe Street. This includes being the site where the first epic films made in Britain were filmed and also the location of many film studios. We are in the process of having this forgotten but important history commemorated and are desperately seeking any material associated with these long vanished buildings. If you have any material, including photos or testimonies about this time no matter how small or insignificant, or any stories from relatives who were involved, the team behind this project would love to hear from you. Please do get in touch and I will put you in touch with them.

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