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London Assembly

The London Assembly
The New AssemblyOn May 5th, Londoners chose their new London Assembly.  The largest group is Labour with 12 Members, followed by the Conservatives with eight, the Green party with two, UKIP with two and the Liberal Democrats with one.  14 Committees have been formed and public meetings began again on the 13th May, when Tony Arbour AM was appointed Assembly Chairman.  Tony has written a blog listing the 10 things new Assembly Members need to know about City Hall.
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Tony Arbour at Armed Forces Day
Armed Forces Week
Saturday 25 June 2016 is Armed Forces Day.  On Monday 20 June at 10.00am Assembly Chairman Tony Arbour AM joined the Mayor and representatives of the Armed Forces to raise the Armed Forces Flag to mark the start of the week of celebrations.
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Doctor's Office
Helping earlier HIV diagnosis
37 per cent of HIV cases in London are diagnosed late (2,984 out of 8,067 cases in 2012-14).  In June the Health Committeediscussed HIV awareness in the capital and the barriers that prevent people taking HIV tests and being diagnosed.
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Deputy Mayor for Housing, James Murray
Deputy Mayor for Housing
Housing issues dominated the recent Mayoral election debates. New Deputy Mayor for Housing, James Murray, faced the Housing Committee on 7th June; where he was asked how he plans to fulfil the Mayor’s campaign pledges about housebuilding and tenants’ rights.
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Buses on Oxford Street
Pedestrianising Oxford Street
In his transport manifesto, the Mayor of London committed to pedestrianising one of the world’s busiest streets. In June, theTransport Committee discussed how the Mayor can fulfil this manifesto commitment and identified the implications for road users and retailers.  
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  • Tuesday 28th June - Budget and Performance Committee - 10am
  • Wednesday 29th June - Planning Committee - 10am
  • Wednesday 29th June - Police and Crime Committee - 2pm
  • Thursday 30th June - GLA Oversight Committee - 10am
  • Tuesday 5th July - Housing Committee - 10am
  • Wednesday 6th July - London Assembly (Plenary) - 10am
  • Wednesday 6th July - Economy Committee - 2.30pm
  • Tuesday 12th July - Regeneration Committee - 10am
  • Tuesday 12th July - Budget Monitoring Sub-Committee - 3.30pm
  • Wednesday 13th July - Transport Committee - 10am
  • Wednesday 13th July - Environment Committee - 2pm
  • Thursday 14th July - Police and Crime Committee - 10am
  • Thursday 14th July - Budget and Performance Committee - 2pm
  • Tuesday 19th July - Police and Crime Committee - 10am
  • Tuesday 19th July - Audit Panel - 3.30pm
  • Wednesday 20th July - London Assembly (Mayor's Question Time) - 10am
  • Wednesday 20th July - GLA Oversight Committee - 2.30pm
You are welcome to attend these public meetings or watch the webcasts here.

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