Friday, 1 May 2020

Homebase EIA Comments

The council is seeking comments to help scope the Environmental Impact Assessment.
If you want to send in comments send them to:

Quoting Planning Application :  201182

Here are some possible points to raise:

201182   Homebase, Forest Road, London E17 4EE EIA Scoping and Screening
On behalf of the Civic Society we would like you to ensure the following is included in the EIA for the Homebase site:
  1. Central Power Plant (Neighbourhood Power Plant) to minimise air pollution and carbon emissions.
  2. 18 storey blocks will have severe overlooking consequences for 2 schools (Bremer and Woodside) which is unacceptable in this day and age of concern for children’s welfare. Clear sight lines must be shown and what mitigation will be carried out to ensure residents on the top floors cannot spy on the school playgrounds.
  3. What impact will the tower blocks have on the views from Epping Forest in light of Natural England’s concern for protecting the forest?
  4. Accurate and detailed sunlight maps showing the impact on the surrounding streets i.e. Wigram Square, Foundry Mews, Forest Road, Hale End Road, Hawker Place
  5. The Forest Road boundary of the current building has extensive mature natural planting – a study of the flora and fauna of this is essential and what the mitigation of its loss will be.
  6. Wind surveys will be needed to ensure the design does not create the “wind tunnel” effect often associated with very high tower blocks.
  7. 18 storey buildings are totally out of scale with the surrounding Victorian, 1930s and more recent flats surrounding the site. What mitigation is proposed to ensure these blocks do not dominate the street scene and destroy the mainly low rise existing residential street scene?
  8. Will there be sufficient capacity in the local schools to meet the demand for school places created by 700 new flats? If not where will the additional capacity be available?
  9. How will this development be integrated with the proposed development of the adjacent Willow House site?
  10. Thought should be given to creating a station on the adjacent railway line to allow access to the transport network and for travellers further along Forest Road and its surrounds.
  11. Open space – the current car park can be used in emergency for situations like the current coronavirus pandemic for testing people. If this space is removed what other space is available for the emergency services at times of crisis?
  12. Utilities – what work will have to be carried out to provide gas, electricity, water and sewerage to this site?  Do the individual companies have enough resources to supply the development?  What disruption will be caused to the surrounding residents while this work is carried out? What is the expected duration of these works? Can a cost benefit analysis be done to take into account the traffic delays caused by the works?
  13. Construction work – how are the 2 schools and the thousands of local residents to be protected from the dust, noise and traffic of the demolition and construction works? The works further along between Blackhorse Road station and Tottenham Hale have caused horrendous traffic delays, and pollution to the area. The pile driving for Juniper House in Hoe Street can be heard and felt in Walthamstow Village.
  14. The impact of the loss of this DIY facility needs to be considered as the nearest similar facility is B&Q at Leyton or Tottenham Hale. The Tottenham Hale B&Q is almost inaccessible as the car park is always full and as the new developments are occupied in that area it will make it even more congested. Travelling to Leyton is a slow process and will just add more traffic to the Borough’s streets. There is no point in building more homes if there are not the facilities to maintain them.

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