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Hackney Marsh Users Group

Hackney Marshes Users Group

Hackney Marshes

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General Meeting and Open Day (and pizza)

Sunday 9th June
11-4 - Open Day at the Community Tree Nursery and Forest Garden
4pm - HMUG AGM

How do you get people to turn up for an AGM? It's possibly the most off-turning acronym in the universe, and an annual headache for community activists.

We're offering a wander round the green wonders of the Tree Nursery and Forest Garden, free of any feeling that you ought to be getting on with one of the many volunteer tasks which keep the site going.  Also a cup of tea (railway or herbal  - you can gather your own mint on site) and very likely a sample of pizza from our cob oven and/or a bit of Fi's bread pudding. If you fancy bringing a bit of baking to share, or a picnic, that'll be very welcome. Tree Nursery regulars will be on hand to explain the site and answer your questions (if we can).

If you're itching to get on with a job, that's fine too. We might do some more work on the coppice fence we started on a recent weekend.

We do have a serious purpose as well and we hope you'll want to get involved with that. We need some more people to play a part in HMUG and we need to overhaul how we work so that more people can get (and stay) involved. After the stresses and strains caused by the Olympics over the last six years, it almost feels as if we have to relaunch ourselves and add some new energy to the group.  We hope that will be one of the results of the AGM.  

We also have two development proposals to look at and respond to:
  • the replacement of the north marsh changing rooms and car park
  • the replacement of the carpark on East Marsh
We're aiming to have information about those on the website Issues page in the next couple of days and we'll drop you a quick update when that's done.

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