Saturday, 16 April 2016

Essex Brewery Site


Planning Application 153337

Just behind St James Street station the following has been agreed:

The Proposal 3.16 The application proposes the demolition of the existing buildings and the redevelopment of the Site to deliver 183 residential units of a mix of tenures and unit sizes, along with private and shared amenity space and car and cycle parking. 3.17 The proposals would also deliver 478 sqm (GEA) of commercial space (A1/A2/A3/A4/B1/D1/D2) split between three units. 3.18 The residential units are to be arranged on the Site as follows:  Within a 5 - 7 storey linear building (Building A) abutting the western boundary of the Site;  Within a 4 - 8 storey ‘U’ shaped building, (Building B) fronting South Grove and Brunner Road, and located on the middle to eastern section of the Site. 3.19 The 183 proposed units would consist of the following unit mix: Unit mix Units proposed % of total 1b2p 64 35 2b3p 5 3 2b4p 91 50 3b5p 3 2 3b6p 20 11 Total 183 100 3.20 The scheme will deliver 478 sqm of commercial floorspace divided between three retail units as follows: Unit Floor area sqm (GEA) 1 182 2 167 3 129 3.21 The affordable housing offer is to be at 14% on site affordable housing provision with this being in 100% shared ownership. 

Essex Brewery Plans Approved

What it will look like

Site History

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