Thursday, 30 March 2017

Boundary Changes

From Stella Creasy MP's Newsletter

Are William Morris, Higham Hill and Chapel End in Chingford? 

Boundary Review Update & Response  

In the latest round of the Government's Boundary Review to reduce the number of MPs, the Liberal Democrats have put forward proposals to make the William Morris, Chapel End and Higham Hill wards part of a Chingford constituency. Their plans to create a ‘Wanstead and Woodford’ seat would see the current Walthamstow constituency split in two as a result and the remainder linked to Leyton. 

You have until Monday 27th March to respond to let the Boundary Commission know your views on this idea and any other counter proposals put forward under this process. The Commission will then publish its final plans in the autumn. You can find the link to the Lib Dem proposal here- it is labelled BCE-28274 and you can comment directly on the page where this proposal is listed. 

One of the factors determining the outcome of this process for the Boundary Commission is the sense of connection that residents feel to an area, so in responding as a resident from these areas it is important to explain why you feel connected to the Walthamstow area. Thank you for your help ensuring our community retains its voice in Parliament. 

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