Thursday, 14 December 2017

Borough of Culture ??!!

So we are expected to back the bid for Borough of Culture!
This is the Borough that has just agreed to cut down 81 magnificent lime trees, build over a third of of the openspace in the Town Centre, provide a smaller play area, build 4 monstrous tower blocks that are not in keeping with the Victorian architecture of the area, ignore advice about the views from important Conservation Areas and even worse destroy the setting of the Grade II Central Library.

Oh and of course ignore its residents views!


  1. This decision by our so called Council defies belief.
    81 Lime Trees to go. Monster tower blocks. Vast shadows over the very culture they claim to support. A blatant and complete lack of respect for our historical heritage in the library and the green open space in our centre. A growing population without the infrastructure to support it. This is just the latest in a long one of betrayals by this Labour Council. My long term support for them ends now. Clare Coghill as leader and Clyde Loakes her deputy, the man responsible for our environment; who's misused money & power in this borough for too long, must go.

  2. ...and dont forget they have closed libraries, made venues to expensive to hire for cultural events, banned street music and shut and demolished our only theatre in Lloyd Park.
    There are a lot of cultural events going in in this borough despite this council not because of it.


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