Saturday, 3 March 2018

Town Centre Gyratory Junction

Road Works Delayed

The article above reports that the gyratory junction at the top of Selbourne Road is to be delayed by a year although the replacement bridge work is finished. According to Cllr Loakes it is due to "forthcoming developments to the wider road network" that were unforeseen. What was unforeseen? The planning for this junction has been on the to do list for years and the detailed planning must have started in 2016. In early 2017 Strettons announced they were going to build a 13 storey Premier Inn on their site and the council has been planning to replace their building for many years and the Station Car Park site was started well before the planning for the junction and the Mall development was known about in  2016, probably earlier, so what are the unforeseen developments? Even if it was any of these proposed developments the only one that I am aware of that has full planning permission is the Station Car Park site.

So what is the real reason TfL is delaying the completion of the junction by 12 months when most of the work is completed and it is clear the new layout works well?

What are we not being told?

November 2016

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